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FirstCall Response Systems Inc. specializes in personal emergency response services throughout Ontario. The FirstCall response system has two parts: a wireless personal Help Button and a base unit connected to the telephone line. When the button is pushed, the base unit alerts operators at our monitoring centre. Hands-free, two-way voice communication is automatically available or, if we are unable to speak to you, we will send help immediately.

The Help Button is streamlined, waterproof and available as a pendant or wristband. There is no problem if you accidentally press the button – simply tell the operator that you are okay. The base unit is available for purchase or lease with a number of convenient and useful features. The unit can also be monitored so that an alert is activated if it is not used for a specified time period.

Help Buttons can be worn around the neck, clipped to a belt or pocket flap, or on your wrist. All buttons are cordless, durable and waterproof. In a crisis or emergency situation, pressing your button connects you with the FirstCall monitoring station. We will talk to you or send the appropriate help immediately. For competitive pricing and purchase/lease options, contact FirstCall today.

Our Personal Response Systems are Reliable & Easy to Use

If you need help, press your Personal Help Button. The Help Button is waterproof and available as a pendant, wristband or fall detector device*. A trained professional from the FirstCall Emergency Response Team, with access to your information and instructions, will communicate with you through the two-way base unit and ensure that you get the help you need without delay. Even if you cannot answer, FirstCall sends help at once, based on your specific needs. If you press your personal Help Button and cannot answer, the FirstCall Emergency Response Team sends help immediately – whether it is an ambulance, family member, friend or neighbour.

* The fall detector device option is an added layer of protection, as it will automatically call for help if a fall is detected. The fall detector device does not detect 100% of falls, so if possible, always press the Help Button when you need help.

Ask about Our Options

Several service options are available as well, including automatic check-ins, reminders, satellite speakers and fall detector devices. Please ask for details!

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