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New Product – Fall Detector

Falling is amongst the biggest threats that face our current elderly population. One single fall can lead to declining function and to the onset of major health concerns. Managing the risk and severity of falls has become an important issue for those in the medical field.

The ever-present threat of falling in the elderly community has led to the advent of a device that will call for help as soon as it detects that a fall has occurred. As soon as this technology was made available, FirstCall was first in line to offer this service to all of our clients to ensure that they have access to the latest in medical alarm services.

The way in which our fall detector device works is fairly straightforward. First of all, the device is worn around the neck as a pendant. It has been found that fall detectors are most responsive when worn in this manner. Now in the case of a fall, the detector will be triggered as soon as it detects that a fall has taken place* without the user needing to push any type of emergency button. Once triggered, the fall detector will then activate the clients’ main emergency unit and will call for help as per normal emergency procedure.

*Fall detectors do not detect 100% of falls. As a result, it is important to (whenever possible) press the emergency button, which is also built in to all of our fall detectors in any case of emergency.

Satellite Speaker

The Satellite Speaker extends the voice feature of your medical alarm to other areas of your home. Although the FirstCall medical alarm already has a powerful two-way voice feature sufficient for most homes, many people still may have areas which may be outside of the medical alarm’s standard two-way voice range. The Satellite Speaker allows you to have all the benefits of two-way voice without having to yell or shout to be heard. The Satellite Speaker is ideal for multi-story homes, very large houses, or where the customer may have trouble hearing in normal circumstances.

It’s important to remember that when you activate your medical alarm it is NOT necessary for the FirstCall operators to hear you. If they cannot get a response from you, for any reason, they will send help. It easily mounts on the wall or is available for tabletop use. It does require connection to a power and phone line.

Lock Box

The lock box is a solid-metal combination box designed to hold inside the key or keys that allow access to your home. It can be mounted on a wall or doorframe or fit securely around the doorknob on your entry door. In an emergency, we will provide the secret combination of the lock box to the emergency respondents, so they can quickly retrieve the house keys from inside the lock box to get into the home, without breaking in.

For your Protection:

FirstCall will only provide the combination to emergency services (paramedics, fire department, police, 911) or your selected responders.

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