On Call in Ontario Since 1991: FirstCall Response Systems Inc.

Providing Better Service is Our Mission

FirstCall Response Systems Inc. was established in 1991 when two medical alarm franchises merged in an effort to better service the province of Ontario. It is this grounding concept of providing better service that both formed and continues to drive FirstCall forward through the 21st century. Our mission is to get you the best care possible, fast.

Serving Anyone in a Vulnerable Living or Working Situation

At its inception, FirstCall was branded first and foremost as a medical alarm company for seniors. It was branded as such because we offer a service that gives the elderly (especially those who live alone) a special sense of security. Additionally, our service gives family members and friends the peace of mind in knowing that help is only the push of a button away. However, it became more and more evident that our service can be made useful for not only seniors, but for just about anyone who finds themselves in a vulnerable living or working situation. We now service the workforce under both private and government contracts.

Let FirstCall Be On Call for You …

Our trained operators talk to you or access your information and instructions. Benefits of our service include:

  • When you contact FirstCall, we can arrange a free demonstration, discuss available features or answer any questions you may have about our services.
  • Before activating our service, we will gather information such as your medical conditions and contact lists to ensure you receive personalized service. You select from a range of options before setting up an account.
  • Installing our service is usually quick and easy. We will need access to telephone and power outlets, as well as a few minutes to do the set-up and ensure that you know how everything works.
  • Your service is monitored 24 hours a day. Regular tests ensure that help will always be available when you need it.
  • When the help button is activated, FirstCall ensures assistance is prompt and appropriate. Contact us today for more information about how our service works or to schedule your free demonstration!
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